Nature Photography - Photo Galleries - Helpful Photography Tutorials

Welcome to my True Portraits photo galleries. My name is Ray Bilcliff and I am a photographer paintographer, that is I like to get creative and artistic with my photographs. We live in a very beautiful world, full of natures awesome wonders. Not easy to photograph as we see it all. I have many helpful hints, tips and tutorials that offer good advice to all newbie photographers and maybe the odd pro also as we all forget at times. Simple things to help you take better photographs. better photos means happier photographers.

My tutorials are not made up of high tech talk, they are just easy to understand things that you should be thinking about and doing when you are out there doing your photography. I love to photograph all kinds of things from portraits paintography of beautiful women to colourful nature photography of the bugs, leaves and grass. I am in love with the magic of light and my nature photography takes in a lot of local landscape, beach and seascape photos. Shooting the light and capturing the best bokeh are my specialty.